Repair of HiFI, Top HiFi (Logic7) sound amplifiers

Repair of HiFi, Top HiFi (Logic7) sound amplifiers and other types for BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, Audi, Mazda. 15 months warranty!

Worldwide shipment! If you are in another city or in another country, then you can send us the Top HiFi amplifier (Logic7)  for repair by mail or by courier service. Specify the cost of individual services by contacting us directly.

If you repair a Top HiFi (Logic7) amplifier for BMW with us, you get a 25% discount on the AUDIO BLUETOOTH installation.



BMW Top HiFi (Logic7) and HiFi sound amplifiers types that we repair.

AMPH70 BMW HiFi Verst (E70/71)
BMW Top Hifi DSP (E65/66/67)
BMW Top Hifi DSP (E60/61/63/64/87/E90/91/92/93)
AMPT70 PL4 TOP-HIFI Verst (E70/71)
TOP-HIFI Verst AMP-TOPLR02 F07 (Fxx) or AMPT70 E70 (E70/71)
TOP-HIFI Verst AMP-TOPLR02 F07 (Fxx) or AMPT70 E70 (E70/71)
BE B236 or BE 9510 (Fxx)
BE B220 (Fxx)

For the replacement of malfunction electronic components, especially the amplifier output stages and voltage converters we use only original electronic components that we order directly from American and European suppliers: Mouser, Digikey, Newark / Farnell. They work directly with manufacturers of electronic components. All electronic components sold on Aliexpress, Alibaba, and radio stores are Chinese clones. You can compare prices on the manufacturer’s website with prices, on Aliexpress or in a radio store and see how much they differ by yourself. Now think about whether the original microchip, together with the cost of delivery, customs clearance and added value, can cost 5-10 times cheaper than the same microchip on the manufacturer’s website.

We tried a huge number of Chinese clones of microcircuits and sound amplifiers bought in radio stores, as well as on Aliexpress, Alibaba and compared them in quality with the original amplifier microcircuits purchased from Mouser, Digikey, Newark / Farnell at 5-10 times more expensive. The list below shows the main differences between them, which we were able to identify.

Why is it so important to use original electronic components, especially for voltage converters and amplifier output stages?

  • Chinese clones of the sound amplifier produce less power than stated in the datasheet for the original microcircuits. Chinese amplifiers produce sound with much greater distortion than the original one.
  • Among the Chinese clones of electronic components, there is a very high percentage of defects.
  • Chinese clones very often fail, even without completing the repair warranty.
  • The electronic pins of Chinese microcircuits are usually thinner and more fragile. They can only break off by bending to the side by 90 degrees.

Due to all of the above shortcomings of Chinese microcircuits, we completely abandoned them in favor of the original microcircuits.

We also provide Top HiFi amplifiers (Logic7) with an additional connector to be able to connect them instead of amplifiers that initially have a separate power connector for supplying the supply voltage.


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