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Citroen radiator fan not working

Good day to everybody.

So if someone has a lot of free time and is very good with his hands, try to take it yourself and clean the brushes, maybe it will work after that. But as the guys said, it helps for a couple of weeks, in the end, they come to change the scheme anyway. Here is the process of parsing.

This is what our fan looks like.

The fan board itself

The old Board is falling to pieces, I’m not the first guy with Citroen C5 — poorly made at the factory, everyone has the board rotted — the guys have a whole basket of old boards from Citroen C5.

A new board is installed

Checked right away. I started the car, the temperature of the air conditioner is at minimum, the speed is at maximum – Fan is spinning!

The warranty was given 1 year.

Time spent – an hour and a half.

Not very cheap, but better than taking a new cooler for $ 500 or second-hand for $ 300.

Satisfied I went to the car wash.

I hope the article will be useful to someone.

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