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Peugeot radiator fan not working

Hello to everybody! As it usually happens – predicted breakdowns begin to come out. Repair of the cooling fan caught me at the hottest part of the season.

On 407 forums, they often write that cooling fan often breaks down, because of winters when all sorts of rubbish gets in and eats away the motor board. The price for a new one is not very humane. Therefore, I decided to fix it.

The fan itself is not as simple as it was set before. It does not have the concept of 1 and 2 speed-but there is a PWM signal that controls the speed of rotation.

I found the site — electrorefite, where the guys sell the boards, which were made and modified by themselves. They give a year warranty.

I will not describe the process of removal and installation, since there is a lot of information.

I only had to re-solder the brushes. Finally, I checked the work on the car.

But not without a fly in the ointment! When removing the fan itself – the air conditioner radiator was hit. I decided to rinse it with Karcher – and at the place where the motor contacted the radiator, the cells simply fell down. For now the radiator is working, but the question of replacing it will soon remind of itself. But while there are other things to spend money on, I decided to wait until it completely dies.

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