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BMW engine temperature

BMW engine coolant temperature сorrector


Everyone knows the problem of fairly modern BMWs, and I think not only BMWs. The problem is the boiling of the engine to 108 degrees Celsius at low loads (such as traffic jams, waiting in a parking lot, etc.). The cycle is simple – when temperature reaches 108C, ECU resets the temperature to 105 by turning on the fan (in winter it doesn’t even turn on sometimes) and the electric pump to higher speeds, and then again in a circle.

Of course, when you start driving actively, the coolant temperature drops harshly and the oil temperature drops next. Obviously, it is dangerous to accelerate on an overheated ICE. Therefore, engineers have made a safer engine cooling cycle at power mode. A high operating temperature of an ICE means high pressure in the coolant system, oil coking due to overheating, low pressure in the oil system due to overheating of the oil, and many more reasons. These reasons are described in many places and many people have encountered them. It is clear that there are no critical values, but why should we risk.

My coolant reservoir exploded when I was just in the parking lot. I was watching how the oil temperature arrow for 30 minutes rises from 105 to 110 degrees. I changed the lid of the reservoir 4 days before. I am sure that if the coolant temperature was 85 degrees, this would never have happened.

Cold thermostat

This is a dubious decision for N54 / N55 engines, since there is an electric pump and if the thermostat opens earlier than necessary, the system will not turn on and the liquid will flow sluggishly through the radiator with practically no cooling and, of course, without cooling the engine.

There is an effect from it. It reduces the temperature in traffic jams by an average of 5-10 degrees (I collected feedback from the people who installed it).

Additional radiator

They install it for hot countries. Information from unverified sources says that there is a slightly different firmware, and this firmware regulates the temperature modes of the engine in a different way during operation.

There are too many problems for me. Therefore, I have discarded this option.

BMW engine coolant temperature сorrector

This is what the manufacturer calls it 🙂

Outwardly, it’s just a weird thing. But at the same time, it’s well built! It’s very easy to install in the engine and this thing becomes invisible for a layman. It uses factory connectors everywhere, and the wires tucked into a black cable duct.

You install the device on the upper hose of the radiator. It connects in-between the native temperature sensor. One end to the ECU, the other end to the DME. This solution is very convenient. Simple and efficient.

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