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ECU cooling fan Citroen

Four years ago, there was a problem with the fan, it refused to work. I had to run it manually. Having smoked a few pages from internet, I realized that the brushes were stuck. On a warm summer weekend day I gathered my thoughts and disassembled the fan. The problem was exactly the same as with most – the brushes stuck. I cleaned, collected and forgot about the problem.

Just a month ago, I was driving along, all in my thoughts, suddenly the car threw a ‘stop sign’ on the dashboard… Fortunately, the temperature overboard was plus 7. I turned on the air conditioner, opened the hood – the fan was silent. I scrolled with hand — it started, so the old sore returned. A couple of weeks I drove with air conditioning on and “manual start of fan”, also an unpleasant squeak was added (the bearing dried up). It was impossible to go on like this. The price tag for a new fan was just inhumane, so I decided to pick again the old one.

The work took an hour and a half with smoke breaks. Disassembled, looked-brushes stuck, wear percent 60%, but in theory, another three years will run. The problem came out in another — oxidation of the board under the compound. It was not visible from the outside, but the fan didn’t develop full power. They threw a new board (with a new brush assembly) and the fan spun in full force. The bearing was washed, cleaned and oiled. The sleeve was also alive – just needed cleaning and oiling. In short, I am satisfied!

One year warranty.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of the new board, but they are on the site.

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