AUDIO BLUETOOTH installation for all BMW audio systems

AUDIO BLUETOTH installation for all BMW audio systems such as: CIC, CCC, HU_ENTRY, MASK, CHAMP, ASK_E65/66, BM24, BM54, BUSINESS (with or without CD/RDS). 15 months warranty!

You will get a 25% discount on AUDIO BLUETOOTH upgrade if you repair multimedia devices or Top HiFi amplifiers in our service.



The main advantages of this AUDIO BLUETOOTH module:

Quickly and automatically connects to your phone without password requirement.

High quality lossless audio signal with aptX audio codec support and low latency.
The sound quality is the same with ComBox, and our AUDIO BLUETOOTH is much cheaper, even taking into account the installation process. ComBox is more expensive, even excluding the cost of the coding and cost of the installation. AUDIO BLUETOOTH installation process is much faster and easier than ComBox, no need to lay extra wires and optics. Unlike ComBox, it can be installed on any BMW, even on the models without AUX-IN.

Works great with standard Bluetooth for hands-free communication. Automatically switches to the phone call. After the call ends, automatically switches back to the music from the moment where phone call interrupted the playback.

The AUDIO BLUETOOTH device builds into the audio system, providing a minimum length of shielded wire to reduce interference and noise.

The stable connection radius between a smartphone and a multimedia device with built-in AUDIO BLUETOOTH, is 5-10 meters on average.


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