Repair of CCC, CIC, NBT EVO multimedia systems for BMW

We carry out professional repair of CCC, CIC, NBT (CIC-HIGH), NBT EVO ID4 , ID5 , ID6 multimedia systems for BMW and Mini. 15 months warranty!

Worldwide shipment! If you are in another city or in another country, then you can send us a multimedia device for repair by mail or by courier service. Specify the cost of individual services by contacting us directly.


ССС (Car Communication Computer) 180 $
СIС (Car information computer) 260 $
NBT (Next Big Thing (CIC-HIGH)) 260 $
NBT EVO ID4,ID5,ID6 260 $


What’s included in the repair cost?

15 months warranty. We have many years of experience in the repair and design of complex electronic devices. For the soldering of microchips, we use specialized equipment that allows us to observe the temperature profile. This allows you to ensure the longest possible service life of the microcircuits after exposure to temperature. We install the components using high quality solder and flux. At the end of the repair, we test multimedia devices at the testing bench for several hours. This way we can provide you with a high warranty period.

Diagnostics of the components that are the most often cause of the malfunction. In addition to repairs, we check or replace electronic components, which most often can lead to malfunctions of a multimedia device in the future. The check takes longer than the repair itself, but thanks to this you get a device that is much more reliable than, for example, a used device, for which on average they give you a 1 or 2 weeks warranty (while our warranty is 56 weeks).

We update all the modules of the multimedia device. At the end of the repair of the device, we make the correct update and encoding for it in accordance with the VIN and taking into account all changes in the factory configuration after re-equipping with various options. The whole process is carried out on a test bench, so you don’t have to connect a diagnostic computer to your machine at all. For example, CCC includes five modules with a full update time about 2 hours. Some people ask “Why do you update all modules and spend an extra 2 hours on it?” Further, we will explain in detail why it is necessary to update the FLASH memory at least once every 5-10 years.

How FLASH memory works: The elementary storage cell of the FLASH memory is a floating gate transistor. The peculiarity of this transistor is that it can hold electrons. On this principle, the main types of NAND and NOR flash memory are developed. Since nothing is perfect in the world, over time the charge on the gates of the transistors decreases, that can result in data loss and malfunction of the device that rely on the functionality of FLASH memory. In commercial FLASH memory chips, it is recommended to update the information by rewriting the memory dump every 5-10 years. Any multimedia computer contains a large number of chips with FLASH memory, both as part of microcontrollers and in the form of separate microcircuits. Each of these modules is recommended to be updated with the latest firmware version at least once every 5-10 years. Most of the CCC modules that come to us for repair could not be fully or partially updated for 10 or more years.

What other advantages in addition to updating memory cells can module updating give to you?

  • Eliminates problems that could cause intermittent freezes and reboots of the device.
  • Acceleration of work and loading of a multimedia device.
  • Menu update.
  • Adding new features.
  • Elimination of problems related to incompatibility with other multimedia modules.

Installing a new volume control knob, instead of a damaged or missing one. Replacing a faulty volume control encoder. If it turns out that the volume control knob is missing or badly damaged on your multimedia device, then we will replace it with a new one. If the volume control encoder turns out to be faulty, then we will replace it with a working one.

Disabling the warning every time the ignition is switched on for CCC. If every time when the ignition is turned on, an annoying warning appears on the screen of the CCC multimedia device, then by encoding we can remove this warning.

Adding even waves for radio. If while tuning the radio there are no “even waves” (even digits after the dot), then through encoding we can add the ability to select them.

Changing the menu item “Onboard computer” to “Navigation” for CCC.  If on the right side of the CCC main menu in place of the “Navigation” tab is “Onboard computer”, then we can change this tab to “Navigation”, after that it will be possible to use navigation maps. The “Onboard computer” goes to the submenu of the “Navigation” instead.

Unlocking video while driving for CCC, CIC, NBT, NBT EVO.  If your multimedia system has a video playback source (DVD, USB storage, TV tuner, Screen Mirroring, Apple Carplay), which is blocked while driving, then at your request we can remove this restriction free of charge during repairs.

Activation of video playback from USB FLASH for NBT, NBT EVO. At your request, free of charge during the repair. For multimedia systems NBT and NBT EVO, we can add the ability to play video files via the USB connector, provided that this connector is present, but at the same time, there is no option to play video from USB drives in the menu. After that, you will be able to select a USB storage device as a source for video playback in the menu.

HDD recovery for CIC, NBT, NBT EVO. During the repair of CIC, NBT, NBT EVO, we perform testing of all sectors of the hard disk and, if there are read and write failures, we restore the damaged sectors. We also carry out the restoration of damaged system information that is necessary for the operation of a hard disk in conjunction with a multimedia system.

Installation of the newest map for the navigation system at the time of repair CCC, CIC, ENTRYNAV, NBT, NBT EVO. At your request, free of charge during the repair, We can install the most up-to-date navigation map for CCC, CIC, NBT, NBT EVO at the time of repair. For CCC we offer maps of Eastern, Central, Western Europe. If you need, you can additionally purchase from us those cards that you need in addition to the one that is installed free of charge. Updating the navigation map for CIC, NBT and NBT EVO is carried out free of charge during the repair at your request, only if you have installed the necessary FSC (Ger. “Freischaltcode” – Passcode) or a special CAN filter that emulates the presence of FSC. (Installation of the necessary FSC to activate navigation CIC, ENTRYNAV, NBT, NBT EVO during repair is performed with a 25% discount).

Menu type selection ID5, ID5_Plus_Plus or ID6_Light for NBT EVO ID5, ID6. At your request, free of charge during the repair for the NBT EVO ID5, ID6 system, we can change the menu type to any of the following:

Screen Mirroring activation for Android in NBT EVO ID5, ID6. At your request, free of charge during the repair for the NBT EVO ID5, ID6 we can activate Screen Mirroring to display in real time the screen contents (including audio transmission) from devices based on the Android OS. Screen Mirroring requires a WiFi antenna, if you don’t have one you get a 25% discount on its installation.

In addition to repairs, we offer various services for CCC, CIC, ENTRY, NBT, NBT EVO multimedia devices.

AUDIO BLUETOOTH setup for CCC, CIC, M-ASK, M-ASK II, CHAMP, ENTRY providing high quality lossless audio with support for the aptX audio codec and low latency for listening to music from your smartphone or tablet. It does not conflict with the built-in speakerphone, works clean and loud, quickly and easily connects to a smartphone or tablet from a distance of 5-10 meters. You can read more about this here: AUDIO BLUETOOTH. (25% discount on AUDIO BLUETOOTH setup if you repair your device with us)

BMW Apple Carplay Full Screen app activation for NBT EVO ID5, ID6. This app only works with Apple products and requires activation via FSC and a WiFi antenna. (25% discount on activation and installation of a WiFi antenna (if you don’t have one) if you repair your device with us).

Screen Mirroring activation for Android in NBT EVO ID5, ID6. For NBT EVO 2 (ID5 / ID6) system, we can activate real-time display of screen contents (including audio transmission) from devices based on the Android operating system. You can display any of the navigation maps installed in your smartphone on the display, play YouTube videos, check messengers, etc.

FSC installation for CIC, NBT, NBT EVO, MGU.

  • Navigation activation;
  • Voice control activation;
  • BMW M Laptimer activation;
  • FSC (Ger. Freischaltcode) is an activation code provided by BMW. Each code is tied to a specific VIN number.

Installation of the newest navigation maps for CCC, CIC, NBT, NBT EVO, MGU. We can install navigation maps of the countries you need. For the CCC there are the newest maps, divided into 3 categories: Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

Correct programming and encoding. We carry out correct programming and coding of your multimedia devices. This is necessary in cases of installing the device from another machine, when installing new devices or re-equipping, as well as in case of various malfunctions or incorrect programming or encoding.

We bring NBT EVO ID5, ID6 and MGU iDrive 7.0 out of the Component Protection state! This protection is activated if the NBT EVO ID5, ID6 or MGU iDrive 7.0 head unit was connected to a vehicle with a different VIN. The device stops functioning. The message “NO SIGNAL” appears on the screen.

BMW CCC (Car Communication Computer)

CCC BMW E60,61,63,64,70,71,87,90,91,92,93; CCC MINI COOPER R56,57,60

BMW CIC (Car Information Computer)

CIC BMW E60,61,63,64,70,71,87,90,91,92,93




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